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Welcome everyone that found there way here from Linus podcast. There is a how-to play guide found on the main page of the site. Also in the download tab, there is a link to TPHQ discord where you can chat with other players. Please feel free to ask any question's and I'll be more than happy to help you learn and understand the basics of the game. Hope to see you on the battlefield. :)

- Posted by artisan

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PT 1
One of the biggest thing's I'm noticing you new guys doing is struggling with picking up equipment (Eq). If you need eq, you'll have to click and hold the mouse on the eq to pick it up. I see a lot of you either driving on top of it, or beside it. Fuel however, can be picked up by either landing beside it, on top of it, or clicking and holding the mouse for a brief moment and releasing the mouse.

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PT 2
I suggest filling your inventory completely before engaging the enemy. This will allow you to have extra radar's to scan the entire view screen to help you locate more fuel and eq, as well as have the fire power to do equal damage to your enemy. Shields are better left turned off until your fuel level is very low, and only long enough to find more fuel. It is not recommended to leave them on continuously while fighting.

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PT 3
You can enable/disable your eq types by clicking on the icon on the bottom of the user interface. If the icon is highlighted, it means it is enabled. If the icon is shaded, it means it is disabled. I hope this helps you new guys a bit

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Megatron I guess I'm not that good! :)

- Posted by Zacky Wacky

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Zacky Wacky
What Megatron , is saying is that he's salty about not being the one to get the kills. 😂

- Posted by Manage Tanks