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Globe Daddy ,
You were the one throwing shade and trash talking people. You can dish it out but can't take it. A whole wall of crying telling me I'm crying. I beat you pretty consistently. I guess Greatest Edition should have serg tricked huh? I hear you rank to lieu in first place then fell off finishing 5th in a 7man to 2 of the newest players in the game and calling people scrubs lol. Only morons rank to lieu before 30min holy crutch batman! Someone get this man a mirror for Christmas

- Posted by Definitive Edition

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Globe Daddy If everyone stayed serg until 40 mins... were's the benefit in that? Shot for shot with other serg's your losing out on pts. Might as well stay serg all tourny, but then serg tricksters would lose there crutch. And let's be honest, its a crutch. Its admitting you need an advantage because you aren't good enough to cup without one.

- Posted by artisan

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Globe Daddy ,
I smacked a few people with the serg trick during a 2am tourney half out of it last weekend. Also, a good serg is still better to fight than shatty lieutenants.

- Posted by ANTIWIZARD