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175LB nerds posting on the BB about being dominant alphas...LUL. 10/10 times you would get snapped in half IRL, or be too scared to run your mouth :) Rocks not a lion...he wishes he was, however; he definitely falls into the above mentioned category. You're a bunch of sensitive, insecure, weak, sheep. Keep typing sheep, as online is the only place you can ever pretend to be any type of alpha :)

- Posted by Miyamoto Musashi


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Sheepdog of Tankpit? Ha! Oh man...clearly no idea what a real sheepdog is so you need to pretend to be one in here! What do you know of war, sacrifice, or protection of people in professions where your life is on the line? I'll wait. Oh? you don't know anything? Thats right..:)

- Posted by Miyamoto Musashi