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Medicine Bow
Take the rank up. I would like more points as well lol.

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Yep they are super easy to win with friends that come in to die to you. Ignoring doesn't change everyone reading. Ironically gold cups are easier to win than bronze or silver seeing how 2 of the last 20+ tournaments haven't had 1-4 obvious FKs you can call them weak links if you like but may as well try to put powdered sugar on crap and call it a choc donought. Too bad for those "real skilled" players not being able to earn cups because the unskilled are so pathetic and selfish.

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SOrry for the late reply. That was without a doubt the luckiest cup ive ever had. I had a god awful 13 minute fill in the beginning and didnt even get full so i was just gonna mess around the whole time. That lucky kill was dope frfr.

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kaYNe ,
But you got it wrong. I am not Chen.

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