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- Posted by i AiNT GOT TiME 2DAY

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Once Divided ,
Again, you haven't stated a single accurate fact in the past week, go back and count my attempts again dummy. I will give you a hint, started March 5th, 2022. Before any attempts at metaphors how about you learn how to count? If I was clout chasing I wouldn't be arguing with a nobody. DM you on discord? Are you trying to pick me up with all this Dorothy and princess talk? Go make some friends and get some hobbies kiddo.

- Posted by Flawless Victory

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Oh look its Raptor, the nobody who hasn't had the courage to post on his main in the last month, back again trying to use percentages...98%?!...clearly someone didn't pay attention in school. Do you need some attention little guy? Has your idol not replied to you enough lately? Here ya go pal.

- Posted by Flawless Victory

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Once Divided ,
Pretty ironic to tell someone to move on who is actually playing the game, while you lurk on the BB typing pages for a game you aren't playing..Who should be moving on? Please continue sharing your sad memoirs about your mediocre TP career, because at the end of the day I will always be better than you :). Happy to have given you some attention, hopefully it provided entertainment in your sad little day.

- Posted by Flawless Victory

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Let me beat this dead horse some more. Nvm ya’ll have been doing that for like a month straight lol. Just play the game and enjoy it if you can. Trolls are going to continue to troll main map even more so when you tag them or show emotion. The deaths will continue. 1 Because the administrator of the game doesn’t care or want to make an effort to enforce his “1” rule 2 When trolls don’t get their fill in main they enjoy fking their buddies they troll with or trolling just because. Keep beating it

- Posted by Dead Horse

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Cha0s The0ry Appreciate the points man. Always a pleasure.

- Posted by Cardom

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WARLORD Cardom ,
It's fine it actually doesn't bother's pretty funny and pathetic at the same time that someone would dedicate a years worth of time in a video game trying to troll me and failing miserably. He's afraid to come in on real tanks because he'll just get deactivated some more. He needs something to pass the time while he sits at his desk getting more obese working his poor people overnight job :). Maybe he shouldn't have gotten banned on discord LMAO.

- Posted by Flawless Victory


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Flawless Victory ,
If you hate me, then why do you reply?
If you're as good as you say you are, then why are you so sensitive?
If you've done everything I have, then why did you buy someone elses tank and not do it yourself?
....and yet again the "flawless" one is crying about not getting a kill in a tournament. Apparently you don't have the capacity to look ahead and adapt & overcome as opposed to just being another tool following somebody else's script.
....idiot! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

- Posted by Once Divided

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Yooooooooo a 2 maj tourney is actually wild lol

- Posted by wee wittle wady

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Is it 99% now or do you want to hit the math books for a little while?

- Posted by Gungnir

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Gungnir ,
Those kills were lame. Yours for maj as well as mine. I know how it looked but thats on whoever Goulak is. The capt kill was me&pride chasing xdeath. Shooting serg/lieu from 20min+ at capt and maj at 31min shooting lieu/serg 1vX for 40min. When I got kills ruined my points 😒 A major silver cup in an 11 person tourney what a show🙄 I don't play often but wow so much hating in tourney and on here. Does nobody have fun? Congrats on gold.

- Posted by Equinox

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TOURNAMENT IDEAS: Some of these are whacko, but could be fun to try 1x each.
Kill tournament, most deactivations wins.
Elimination: Tournament goes on until everyone has been deactivated. Limited fuel on the map, and it shrinks as the tournament goes on; so by the end, no fuel or equipment drops. Rank doesn't matter
No equipment tournament: NO armors, duals, etc.
Bomb tournament: equipment bombs are back, for this tournament only!

- Posted by Math Magician

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Anyone else have an issue last night with hotkeys not working?

- Posted by 102 Fever