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It's about that time again..

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Happy to know Tankpit is hosting battlefield. a true classic! I sure do wish that all of the maps that i used to play on back in the day were available.. bummer there. Regardless, I am joyed to be able to still play this game in 2023! Edit: I just found out that I can play on my mobile browser! That's pretty dope! 😎

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CoL XiangQi
I've made major homie check my record 😂
And I've won as captain twice with two sergeant kills each time.
It's pretty easy still now days to spot the weak links that are going to die first in tournaments.
They require very little skill to win now days.
Winning as lieutenant and being top pph is where the real skills are.
Good job flaming the field !
Keep it up Chen

- Posted by kaYNe