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Warm Beer ,
For whats its worth... i don't have whatever cheat you are referring to, and im doing just fine.

- Posted by Xx-aLiCe-N-ChAiNs-xX

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Bobby Buffalo ,
Fut the Shuck up and kick rocks in flip flops princess. No one is impressed by your failed jerry springer one liners.

- Posted by Sewer King

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decreaser ,
Quite the imagination…it’s almost as if you typed all the things you were doing. Are you going to rage post every day I play that I ride you like a stolen mule and wont let you troll and build bases? What do you play like 15-1800hrs a year on 50+ tanks? Do they have internet access inside your padded room? Genuinely curious how sad your life is. How did you get to this point? Incapable of self analysis? Happy? Hopelessly deluded into acceptance from mental castration?

- Posted by Doc Holiday

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Bobby Buffalo ,
You fool, you think you can win this war?
You are ensuring the prompt and total destruction of your tank
It would be wise to lay down your arms now or you will never rank above recruit again.
If you think you can tango, better bring 10 of your boys

- Posted by venom