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Berry McCaulkiner
Thanks for costing me a gold cup!
There was no reason you should've died today in the tournament. I earned my kill fair and square with much luck to be honest. I was even 15 minutes late!
Anyways... I'm backkkk....
Back in the saddle again!
I'll get my gold next time.

- Posted by kaYNe


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Desert 1hr: You no skill, frolicking, limp-wristed, soft lil faygalas trading "favors" - so sweet! Just PPH/freekill for all to see! No closets - No talent! Feels good to do "jobs" for each other, huh? ;) To FruityBhujia (cute name sweetheart) & kaYNe (if it's you, scumbag, you knew me real well...not this fun lil name either) both cups are for yalls next tea party! Now skip off to the showers. I can still smell the Vaseline. I'm sure you girls can help each other wash off the shame. Love, Daddy

- Posted by 12-year-old gey kid

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Let me be succinct and terse so that no one misinterprets me - namely the group of total dolts in reference: those cups mean absolutely nothing. Honestly, "nothing" would actually be too much credit. Those cups are the Scarlet Letter to your Hester Prynne (if Hester Prynne were a talentless, gutless, imitating, desperate little fruit). You should be embarrassed to display the acne and cold sores your mommy covers with her foundation for you...

- Posted by 12-year-old gey kid