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- Sun Spots - ,
The only one here embarrassing themselves is you. You have not stated a single accurate fact in any of your nonsensical ramblings. Par for the course for people with zero friends who like to feel like their opinion matters, let me save you the time, it doesn't. The entire community has hated you for years lmao. Comparison? I've done everything in this game before you and better than you. Run along troglodyte.

- Posted by Flawless Victory

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Flawless Victory ,
Huh....the tournaments say it took you 5 tries to cup before dec-2022, there were 2 caps and you were the second. Also, claiming x-5 cups is like saying that 10 pennies is more in hand than a single dollar bill. What part of, move on don't you understand stupid? Go play the game, have fun and shutup...
Isn't it embarrassing getting caught lying about stats on a free game?

- Posted by Once Divided

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FlawlesVicisAPOSYBICOverlord Rodimus Prime
Screw you dude. So sick of you crappin on other peoples fun. I dont know what your obsession with twiz is, but my god dude. Seek mental help. You sit in map on throw away tanks FOR OVER A YEAR waiting for him to come in EVERY MORNING just so you can harass him. You need help dude. People don't even obsess over celebrities or new fads the way you obsess over twiz. Its unhealthy man. Get a life.

- Posted by Cardom

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Flawless Victory ,
Are individuals supposed to be impressed seeing as you serg tricked 98% of those tournaments? I think not.

- Posted by Raptor

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And remember princess I'm always available to message on discord. If you've really got something to say, instead of "clout chasing" you can message me there instead..

- Posted by Once Divided

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Sun Wolf hey man, why don't you place the tournament timer underneath the tank name on the right hand side of the page header so that the timer is universal for the site?

- Posted by Once Divided


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my bad replied to wrong tank yesterday, unless you are also asphyxi8

- Posted by actually no

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My Commander
You died as sergeant with full EQ (to include shields) after sitting rec for the first 25 minutes. You waited for some players to make LT then you decided to make sergeant and...forget to use your shields? Only your 100th death in a tournament this year, must be still learning. No chance you're constantly dying chance at all....If this game had any sort of active admin you'd have been banned long ago. Do us all a favor and stay out of tournaments.

- Posted by Flawless Victory