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Get off the sauce boba

- Posted by - Sun Spots -

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Tankpit is officially dead. Don't say Chen didn't warn you! Hahaha

My favorite part is how people would insult the great empire of China, yet their political opponents like Trump and J6 protesters are getting imprisoned in while negroes can firebomb federal buildings and with no consequences (thanks Soros)

You are being forced to pay half you income to give money to "Green Energy" and vaccine business owners, aka Jews.

Housing is unaffordable.

- Posted by Funny

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America is nothing but a giant business meant to get pillaged by incompetent, selfish, and pathetic people.

Let's just say there is quite a bit of similarities between USA and Tankpit.....

- Posted by Funny

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Boba Fett ,
LMAOšŸ¤£ Imma quad tele!

- Posted by Globe Daddy

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Boba Fett ,
'Quad Tele' by Boba Fett -
This goes out to One hit wonder and all your dumb alt tanks. Get rekt!

- Posted by Globe Daddy