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decreaser ,
Yea don't get excited this game is totally dead and if you don't have the engine program you cant compete.

- Posted by Warm Beer

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Doc Holiday Wow, you are an embarrassment to the Tankpit community. You really spent all afternoon following me around, deactivating NPC tanks that I was already fighting, then you switch colors and right when I was about to deactivate you, you quit the game. I chased you all around the map and you kept running and trying to buddy up with a blue NPC to prevent me from deactivating you.
Does it bother you knowing how much more skilled I am than you? Is that why you had to quit?

- Posted by decreaser

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v 3 n 0 m
And to think, I was going to take it easy on you. But, after that Mount Olympus comment, you have insured the complete and total destruction of your tank.
Happy fun time is over. It just got serious.

- Posted by Bobby Buffalo

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Smokescreen Doc Holiday i just dont give it
It was a cheap shot, and it was a lucky shot. The only reason I got deactivated is because my egg timer went off and I had to go pull my soufflé from the oven. As for you Doc, I pitied you and figured I would give you a free deactivation because you've never made it past the rank of lieutenant in your entire life. You stink the worst of all.
Smokescreen, you OWE me $10,000 because I beat you in a landslide.

- Posted by Bobby Buffalo


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JCSIII Why is it you die every tournament you play in yet you have yet to die in main map? I suggest stop playing or run and spam "Q" button when getting shot at like you normally do in main map.

- Posted by Smokescreen


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Dear decreaser ,
Lol 😂 Sorry you’re feeling salty. My bad for snagging that kill — guess it’s just the luck of the draw, or maybe your buddy needs to work on his timing? Anyway, GG, and here’s hoping he gets his moment in the spotlight next time.Thanks for the trophy, by the way. Low effort on my part, but hey, I'll take it. It’s like finding loose change in the couch — always a pleasant surprise.Catch you on the flip side.

- Posted by Might B 2 Late

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coruscating I legitimately feel bad for you, and not just because you're terrible at Tankpit, but because you're such a failure of a human being. Let me lay out some facts:
1. I am better than you at Tankpit.
2. I am better than you at everything outside of Tankpit.
3. I am better than you at life.
You will never, ever, EVER even be in the same ballpark as me.
You are a nobody and you will always be a nobody.
Have a terrible day.

- Posted by decreaser