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- Sun Spots - ,
I cupped my third tournament back and have a 48% cup rate, more total cups than you, 130k club, 140k club. Multiple max tank sets from BF through TP. I babbled like an idiot in game? Please explain. I said ltns once because you pph like molasses. I've apparently hit a nerve, I cant wait for parts 4, 5, 6,... Why are you bringing up High School? Did my behavior in game and on the BB bring back some traumatic memories of being bullied? Do you need to go to your safe space?

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Flawless Victory ,
The #3 tank is a testament to my efforts unlike the tank that you're currently trying to "flex". The list of comparisons could go on and on but realistically I'm not that interested. Next time don't just call out random names/ accusations when you don't know the actual truth and perhaps you can save yourself from this sort of embarrassment.
Bye now

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asphyxi8 ,
yes if you spawned in with full eq and you had say 3 corp bots on your map square that would be an advantage over a guy spawning in with say 3 recs and a private. that was simply an example one of many other valid/impactful examples of why they won't ever be fair, period. You want fair? Join MLG, go to LAN tourneys, same PC specs for all playing etc TP tourneys are an ego measuring stick for the handful of you playing these sub-8 man jokes. Thats why you're here afterwards smh

- Posted by actually no

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once more since you missed it last time. You’re missing the point. They are not fair ever. There are too many variables that are luck. They can and do come down to 1 turn being a diff placing. Any advantage or disadvantage prevents them from being truly competitive. Just a forum for you guys playing to stroke egos. Lots of ideas have been subbed including full Eq. None have been added. 1 rule and it isn’t enforced and you’re asking for extra when the minimum isn’t met.

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reveal like you do yours? I shot other sergs for the most. It was a poor performance on my part certainly bad refills poor target choices. Congrats on the gold. I'm sure I've got plenty of golds on you. Do you feel like a big boy now? Every tourney is unique. I cupped. I had a reasonably enjoyable hour and didn't leave empty handed. g/s/b who cares? its pixels on a web page. again, congrats but please grow up. Sore winner worse than sore loser. whiny hypocritical braggart child.

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Full send the ban on battlezone. I wasted 10 mins chasing and killing his first 3 tanks just to try to make it fair for everyone else. After he came in a 4th time, I said screw it. It's someone else's turn to do it .. obviously no one else gave a F. I couldn't quite catch back up on the points afterwards. Anytime I'd pass you I'd be out of duals lol. Really struggled the final 15-20 with eq. Oh well. GG on the LT gold. I would've ranked immediately if I didn't waste so much time

- Posted by iNsAnE aSyLuM