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Thing only things OHW owns are heart disease, and a giant (Q) button.

- Posted by artisan

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not smartisan,
I didn't ruin anything on iBorg and as far as artisan aka (SkizziK) i just rustied at number 38 in game.. so try again. And as far as playing like legion goes, i agree. i was completely a noob. Thats the difference tho. I was NEW. Not a "returning player" that you guys keep falling for head over hills every time Mama Xiang/Chen or ohw make a new tank. Its the same dudes who keep dying in tournys month after month, then lo and behold that tank disappears and a new one starts

- Posted by artisan

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artisan ,
lol didn't know that wasn't his real name. guess i never really asked him. doesn't mean we aren't cool tho. like I have no beef with him or anyone else just to make that known. anyhow, i'm all good. just wanted to clear my name. enjoy your time here and have a bless day.

- Posted by Globe Daddy

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Sw doesn't sell specials or anything else for that matter so you might as well quit with the baseless accusations.

- Posted by - Sun Spots -

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How is my good buddy artisan??? Hahaha

- Posted by Fartisan

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Does anyone know who owns KORBIN ? .. It use to be "ZIPPY" ... I would like to purchase it back if possible. Thanks

- Posted by kaYNe


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not smartisan,
And yall are telling me to get a life XD
I have never paid for a special award. And i never will. Trading an award i won for one that someone else purchased does not mean i purchased it. I have spent 0.00 dollars on special awards. And i dont know if sw has or hasnt ever sold any before. I wouldn't be surprised if he has tho. Same dudes seem to keep winning them every quarter going back to way before i ever started playing. Js.

- Posted by artisan


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31G ,
Stop dying in tournaments. Thx.
Can we implement something like "You die in tournaments too much. Please hone your skills in the main map" for people like 31G?
What'd you end up with Las Vegas? 126K here.

- Posted by Recoil

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William Bonney
Good job getting me the last 20 seconds of that tournament ! I had 109k.. I ran out of duals! Didn't think you were that close until we started swapping 3/4 the last minute.. Anyways.. I missed 31G or whatever his name was by one dang shot... LOL. I guess since I do so good with points ranking up and being late, (3 mins late that tourn) I should try the serg trick next go around!

- Posted by kaYNe

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SPEAK OF THE DEVIL we have to defeat the DEVIL

- Posted by ANDREW TATE