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So came back today for the first time in a bit and played about an hour or so. To people that are wondering why the game is kinda dead....I end up spending 20mins chasing someone around that is higher rank than me that keeps teleporting directly on fuel containers. Not really exciting or interactive. Guess it will stay a game for cave trolls. Enjoy.

- Posted by theunknown33


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Tournament Auditor Easy explanation. The Rock's freebie got smoked early before he could die on "accident" to the rock. As a result, the rest of the map chased rocks back up kill while me and Deadly lit each other up for 25 mins. He had a great fill, and never let go of space bar. Knew he was close to 140k but now confirmed he got it. Gratzzz to him for the highest score ever with no serg-tricking, and no captains to shoot, and no fk to boost his eq. Beast performance!

- Posted by The Juice

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Tournament Auditor ,
A 5:15ish fill shot bots til serg got a corp kill, shot the guy ahead of me then fought in the group until the fk went down. Then 25min of 1v1 shooting bots whenever the partner split while the rest of the tourney chased skytt(my color). Final 15 was 3way pph with top 3 and bots. No serg trick no capt pts. Did 137 with an 8min fill on gauntlet tourney. Space bar and luck but yes I did record.

- Posted by Deadly

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Congrats on the kill. Got trapped... I just wish it went to someone else.
No need to trash talk a kill on a newb that was shooting singles when I got that kill at lieu. Not every kill is a freebie you cry baby.
Have them check my record. It's as clean as it gets.

- Posted by ELiXiR

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That's surprising. Warmonger... you're better than that crap bud.
See you around!

- Posted by ELiXiR

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Tournament Auditor ,
Actually closer to 23min of 1v1 which was broken up several times or 2nd place would ditch for the mob I’d just shoot whoever was on screen plenty of Eq even shot several recruit bots low if they were there or other players. Never more than 1 and someone came to shoot. Plenty of EQ good map 5 players chasing 1 all tourney wasn’t much being consumed but ya just space bar every turn possible. Good map awareness cleared ponds stayed in wet areas etc basics.

- Posted by Deadly