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Salty silver chirping nonsense. You barely beat the guy that played lieu almost the entire tournament. Props to you X, I wasn't going to let t1t bag get an advantage. Cried and moped the whole time.

- Posted by asphyxi8

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X ,
I find it oddly convenient you're only complaining about me vs the other two players in the map who also didn't rank up. I kept saying whatever considering how I'd be the main target almost every screen by you circus acts. Ranking would have made it even worse so I chose to stay serg to force the hand onto you, because they see lieut and thirst for the points. Tournament was low effort, enjoy your bronze, goofy.

- Posted by BOLT THROWER

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Take a second and really think. You guys are really on here complaining regularly about 4-6 person tournaments possibly 10 person with 3-4 players only joining to die or troll without repercussion. Now let that sink in. Just breathe. Go touch grass.

- Posted by really

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X ,
Must've been twiz and still got dominated by someone else. He's so elite with his serg trick silver cups then cries how someone else still dominated him he's a fluke. Get better dude. You stoop low to try to win 5 man tournaments and still get dominated. Lost respect and I'm not the only one.

- Posted by Raptor