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Ultra Magnus
....nobody cares

- Posted by SavinRyann

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Lmaoooo Toad's tag in Discord was "Gensick's Pet"
What kind sick and deranged sadistic freak would have a tag like that? Not to mention that he copulates with men and spreads AIDs to little boys.
Stick to reddit, you aren't cut out for Tankpit, coward

- Posted by JamesChen

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Lol Toad thinks calling someone a racist holds some type of power over them. What a strange and lonely guy. Do we even know who guy is?

- Posted by Toad love Men

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Congrats to all special winners.
Now all I need to do is get a PH or LB :P

- Posted by ArchangeL UrieL

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400 hours to go! -_-

- Posted by ArchangeL UrieL


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Homer J Simpson A lot of fake news stories about Orange's dominance.
Lying is the only way they can compete against us. Time and time again we have proven that we can take massive raids and even kill them while they are raiding us. They continue to stay salty and as fun as it is; it get's real sad... Why don't they just step up their game rather than create slander campaigns against us?
I guess this is what separates the Reds and Oranges

- Posted by JamesChen