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So great to see another fella old player like always man the maps rotate so you will see apps (not a fan favorite around here tho lol) If you get a chance everyone is very active on our Discord Server you can find it on the main page Scroll down to Archived News its under Octobers click the click you can be on the discord with tons of tankpitters in no time!

- Posted by Incognito

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why you obsessed wit Weston? you wanna ride him or what? seems like you bust a nut every time you enter and see him in the field.... whats the deal??? lame ass troll... learn to NOT get REKT!!

- Posted by -SHOCK-


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Welcome back to the game. Appaloosa Land is part of the map rotation. It will sometimes be the world map and it's also used in tournies.

- Posted by - Mercury -