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idolize -- BLUNTZ,
Thanks man. Feels good to be purple again. See ya on the field!

- Posted by SOLITUDE


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Your opinion is irrelevant, you spend no time in main or even on the game and have 0 clue as to what your talking about, i have taken plenty of raids for my time played, and if u see me col or gen feel free to hop on and mob me up.

- Posted by CHEckmATe

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The only one that has been running and quitting lately from what I have seen is Sir Rosco, get your facts straight before throwing shade my way, BOBO THE CLOWN

- Posted by CHEckmATe

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Maybe your better suited sitting on your troll tank commenting on the BB about players that clearly dominate you on and off the field..... Just a thought.

- Posted by CHEckmATe