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Interview continued when i was 11.
SevereDamage3000: I've been playing since '99.
Pinky: Same as me. How did you find out about the game?
SevereDamage3000: I was getting bored, so I found this site called Bonus dot com and saw the Battlefield banner above Bonus dot com and the game looked cool.
Pinky: So you got hooked, I bet.
SevereDamage3000: Yep, right at the start. I could only get to private though, and I thought you had to register to get to a higher rank!

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Dear Angel,
The truth is found in humility, honesty and hunger for the truth. Forgive us and please bless all of mankind with your promises, for we are imperfect in nature but strong in spirit!
Attitude is everything and grateful to share. Is it my turn for a cup soon? =)

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CKPA I like you just because you're from PA as well . Philly Strong over here!

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The sexiest of all time. My awards > Your awards.

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might come back. - EPIC 3
SevereDamage3000 - interview when I was 11.
Pinky:Do you have any memories from the game you want to share?
SevereDamage3000: My best memory was when I got to captain, I tried so hard to get to captain, then I finally killed a seargent and got to captain, then out of nowhere camea low lieutenet and I killed it for my Single Star.... then us reds raided Fire Ball (Colonel) and I got the final shot and got to colonel all in about 2 hours, and I was only 10!

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Interview when I was 11 part 3(final)
Pinky: O...I like Dragonite. :o) Well, this concludes the interview. Do you have any final words you would like to say?
SevereDamage3000: Yes, I hope everyone still enjoys Battlefield and everyone goto my site and sign my guestbook!
Pinky: I'd like to thank you for letting me interview you again. I'll see you on the fields!
SevereDamage3000: Yep, ThankYOU!

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