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hello, used to play back on bonus days!

- Posted by anunfortunateevent

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common practice to just get someone to let you kill them for rank? seen it like a dozen times tonight lol

- Posted by anunfortunateevent

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is there any discord servers or anything? sorry for the multiple posts

- Posted by anunfortunateevent

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What would your ancestors think CKPA? hahahahah sure as hell George Washington, Ben Franklin, and the sorts would not be proud of you at all for letting your little stupid state become a leftist hell hole. You boomers digged the grave for future generations and laughed while doing so.
Entitled enough to ruin your country, entitled enough to not take a raid from Voltaic, clearly a simpleton and a loser boomer

- Posted by JamesChen

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Imagine using your family and a job (LOL) as an excuse to not take raids
Imagine having a job LOL
Imagine having a family LOLOLOL
Pathetic loser working like a slave while I play tankpit all day and live off Trump Bucks (your precious tax dollars). Voltaic, Guest, and James are superior to you, so bow down b1t(h
Nothing to be proud about having a family when I will be leading a BIPOC brigade to enslave your children.

- Posted by JamesChen


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Isn't it cheating that CLARK KENT won the tournament in METROPOLIS??? I mean come on.. That's a pretty unfair advantage...

- Posted by Bricks