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After much abuse from an anti-white racist (American Indian emotional alcoholic) who hates Western people yet reap all the benefit form their land...
And abuse from a white person who gets knocked out by POC kids and then cannot be given welfare because he is white yet slavishly protects them...
I will announce that their efforts have successfully led to my third retirement from Tankpit.
In long discussions with adam, made me realize the chimp level IQ of..

- Posted by Adams Cirrhosis

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... people who run a discord to simulate a "friends group" online but 97.5% don't play or actually play or like tankpit is a huge waste of time.
Especially Gensick (broke loser) who spends more time making discord mini games than actually encouraging people to play TP, much less play himself (pathetic).
Other notable losers are 003, Hays (childless), Matt (king of generic white guys), OHW (duh), Noodle (childless poor teacher racist)

- Posted by Adams Cirrhosis

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Oranges are the most dominant color in this game, period.
Cant think of a time anyone was able to outcompete us without having to cheat or have double our tanks.
Probably why they scared to play now and we taking over for the rest of the century.

- Posted by JamesChen

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Rami aka Abe tried his hardest to get people to play, but the dysfunction of the discord was enough to drive any returning players away.
Knowing their failings, the Admins used JamesChen (the legend) as a scapegoat for all the people leaving despite him being away for half the time.
Really sad how they failed this game, but hey! At least now you can play roulette and dice on the discord server! Wow so cool!

- Posted by GenSicksWelfareCheck

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The Grim Reaper
They don't show because they were created before 2021 and you are on the 2021 leaderboard if you go back to when you asked before its explained on how to switch what leaderboard you see in game

- Posted by Jack Dragna