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You are new here. Please take at least a month in the game to understand the culture and game before you start commenting on the BB and calling people out. These are not the makings of a future champion.
If you would like to apologize, we can let this go and play as a team. Otherwise, you are behaving like an idiot just like One Hit Idiot Blunder who does not care about the game and only person unwelcomed to stay on Orange. GET OUT one hit.

- Posted by JamesChen

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We must protect Tom at all costs. Tom Task Force reporting for duty!

- Posted by JamesChen

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Hi Voltaic,I am glad you are my friend. If you every need anyone to talk to, let me know. It seems like you have deep seated issues and traumatic experiences which led to you to become this way. Playing the way you do seems to be a coping mechanism and I would like to help you get over that. Otherwise you are very skilled and hate to see it go to waste! Let me know anytime you would like to talk.

- Posted by VoltIsNiceNMyFriend