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ya ,
You obviously can't read clown. I said "main" tanks. I'd never sell any of my main tanks that I put my own hours on. The original owners of GdL and LK (which are the only purchased tanks that I got) are losers like the rest of the people that sold out, rofl (Btw, I don't buy tanks and claim the original stats were my own like some people). Kremzeek is also a gifted tank you mental midget so know your role and keep those busted fingers off the keyboard 😂🤣🤡

- Posted by Globe da Legend

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ya ,
So if you have an issue because I bought two tanks from two idiots then you're an idiot. It has nothing to do with the point I made about it being a shame for me to sell my main tanks that I put mad hours on for a little money. That's because I play this game from nostalgia not for some short lived instant gratification. Which was my point, idiot. Someone needs to improve their reading comprehension skills😂🤣🤡

- Posted by Globe da Legend

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ya ,
And the only reason you even saying anything on some unknown tank is because you're probably one of those idiots losers that sold out their main tanks and felt salty about my opinion on sellouts. Kinda funny you'd sellout and still hang out in here tho ROFL

- Posted by Globe da Legend

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"My name is Jack Frost. How do I know that? The moon told me so. But that was all he ever told me. And that was a long, long time ago."

- Posted by Jack Frost

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I do not take or give free kills. I play all colors and defend whatever color I'm playing to the death. I do not use chat or sites like dizcord. I'm not new to this game but this id is. I enjoy killing and being killed in honorable contests. AND I rarely come on the BB so don't expect me to respond anything.
No offense intended.

- Posted by Richie

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Yo Jack. You do not get credited a kill for deactivating recruits. The previous owner of that tank helped me with that info but sadly it wasn't before I deactivated about 200 recruits.

- Posted by BlueGhost


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Richie Yes you can. You should get on discord and we will send you a team chat invite. we voice talk a lot. my Discord is BLUNTZ#6735. The only team rule is play how you want to play as long as your having fun.. See you on the field and hopefully you get discord soon. Anyone else want to join? NoOne hit wonder your not aloud.

- Posted by iNs-TiTuTiONALiZeD