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I havn't been saying shit for years now, I've literally only been playing for 1 year. Also, you said "great another person i gotta worry about" (or something close to that) when you were talking to Scorpion. which you basically ratted yourself out.. but its w.e i could care less, i never seen you play and havn't been talking shit about you at all.. 4th Armored Division on the other hand is who I was talking shit about, because he sucks ass at this game.....

- Posted by -SHOCK-

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So i don't see why you are taking offense to me talking shit to 4th Armored Division.... oh wait, that's you... thats why you are taking offense to it because you messed up and posted on ashrek instead, and mucked yourself up, now you just tryna cover your ass....

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You are all a bunch of cry baby scrubs, Most of you crying and trolling the board, to a game none of you even hardly play :D :D :D

- Posted by Destiny


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Bluntz.... SMH

- Posted by Galvatron

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Trump 2020 sounds a bit salty bout getting busted by bluntz giving out a fk..

- Posted by EPIC 7

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Bobby: good try in the tournament! Next time try to refrain from using shields in the water though...
Gl & thx for the points!

- Posted by Bum diddley dee