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You must be one of the worst players in the game. Purely jealous that I am able to withstand and survive raids and you get simply demolished every time.
My offer to you is the same as Smokescreen: If you ever want tips, do not hesitate to ask. I am here for the love the game and am happy to help the less skilled in improving their abilities. LMK and I will give you my email, and maybe even my cell #.

- Posted by SmokeDeactByJChenLOL

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If everyone had it some of the top players would look real bad also, they can't let that happen ha

- Posted by cesT LA Vie

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I don't think it is possible, most lag is to do with either your ISP or hacks. Further game programming could possibly solve but would be difficult. The shortcut of a hack beats out your turn causing lag.

- Posted by cesT LA Vie

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Am i seeing 'One hit wonder' got stripped of his fake azz practice shiny sword? Good.....
Why not IGF1/ONSLAUGHT and his also fake 2020 battered?

- Posted by CKPA2020

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Before I returned to this game a few weeks ago, there were only 2 oranges in the top 10.
Look at the top 10 now for proof that I have single handedly brought us dominate the list will undoubtedly take over 8 (if not all) slots of the real top 10.
Blue, I hope you enjoy your mobbing days, because you days are over. Orange is like China, we build from the ground up. Blue is like USA, people simply join you while the times are good, just like silly immigrants

- Posted by JamesChen

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You’re all inc3l n3rd pussi3s suck a fat c0ck lmao

- Posted by nycspitz