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@Scavenging ooze No problems here you’re all good, I said be right back to go finish filling, while I was filling I killed bots because there was someone I have respect for grinding bots that wants to keep their silver tank. Just trying to do my part and keep activity up. I enjoyed the 1v2 with you and @Shockwave when you came back though. See you on the field

- Posted by Jaskier

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I can't believe this game is still around... I wonder if I'll see any names I'll remember.

- Posted by NumberOneMarine

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KonArtis Im guessing not the real Kon?

- Posted by crusher

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Where did one of my favorite players, Drederick, go?

- Posted by Suzy

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Where is woody

- Posted by WesternsSoups


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- Sun Spots -
All you do is talk smack and run around thinking your good. you used more shields in a pph session then cols use in a 4v1 raid

- Posted by AvAlAnChE


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wow could anyone possibly move more than Alonius & Scavenging in tournaments?
holy smokes

- Posted by well shucks

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Just me or was that the butthurtest tourney I've ever seen! Get a absolutely legit kill in the mob, errybody so butthurt, got nothin better to do than run after me all rest of the time? bahahahaha. Cry harder

- Posted by Alonius

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Weeeeew that thing looks good!
Save ur butthurts for next times, now get to play anonymous tanks without the Kick Me sign on my back.

- Posted by Alonius

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Yessir, take ur 200th cups down off the shelf, and shed me a fn tear lol. Cause u can pvp reeel guud and you can't remember the time, what it's like to not play anonymously. Can't even pvp proper, everywhere u go, turrets turn your way, try winning with a Kick Me sign on ur back! There's only 1 way possible to do it.
Toruneys grow a reputation, like a negative feedback loop that perpetuates a self-fulfilling prophecy (dont worry u'll learn those words later when u grow up)

- Posted by Alonius