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if globe gets dot and I get a light bulb we can have matching eerwards
hook it up sw

- Posted by Pat Garrett

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Scimiturd, Why dont you hop on discord and hear what all your fans say about you kid?

- Posted by Incognito

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Globe Daddy,
Hey bro! Yeah maybe soon. Trying to get promoted at work so got MS Office 365 certified and what not. I don't delete tanks with cups (all 5 lol) so I still haz Doc Holliday ;) Hope you are doing well man.

- Posted by Lasher

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Pat Garrett,
ST*U Pat :) You know what's sad is Discord and how people treat one another.... but you already know that.

- Posted by Lasher


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Scimitar, This tank was played for only a week and has already passed everything you have done all season ... hide behind obbys chump... Sad cant even call you a nub cause your not new.. You are just a scrub should join some tournaments we need some sugar daddys

- Posted by Russian Bride


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Welcome to the team Time ThieF 12! Be any color on practice, doesn't matter. We be stealing time on all the colors! We be raiding practice for it's time at all hours too homie so do it up 😎.

- Posted by CaptaiN TimE ThieF