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Pigeons , Filth.

- Posted by CHEckmATe

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i hear voices of baby's crying,nerds,geeks in the basement,hackers,peanuts that talks,animals,living breathing cartoons fresh out of the television or even something else.they try to say something legit but actually traduced it says noooooo dont be better than me i cant change the situation so i must go open my ass to him and by writing something.and u all know what?....well in this one the only thing i can say is that U HA ALL WON A NOTHER SHYNEI NEW MEDAL FOR THAT!

- Posted by F2bBacK

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Ok so to clear up Kamek=another fool that wants to start something up with me out of the blue after months of inactivity?

- Posted by Ashrak2002

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I know you talking about me CHECKmyMATE!! <3 haha !
See you on the field :)

- Posted by Abraham Simpson II