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Epic 7,
I don't take raids to get deactivated, I take them to see how I do, if there are enough players to halve my fuel in 1 or 2 shots, then I probably don't get much time to shoot so I am quickly searching for fuel. I am an old school player. We used to try to keep our ranks back in the day! I still get deactivated a few times from either being overwhelmed or mistakes. As I develop my skills, I will learn to get more shots in.

- Posted by JamesChen

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is there a version of sh or speed hack that doesnt steal turns just gets rid or the lag? i know theres something out there cause ive seen some weird things some of us have really bad internet or atleast i do and always have i used to use sh way back in the day to get rid of the lag i didnt try to auto move back and forth or have auto mines on i did have auto radar on but honestly id be happy with just less lag not looking to cheat by freezing or auto moving a bunch

- Posted by Oden


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This is going to be fun. I have played this game before the daddy you never knew fired a homer at your mom. There was no fuel elsewhere? Bro, the map is pretty freaking big...YOU decided to come to our mined area. YOU were an annoying pri*ck b/c we would have left you alone. Thunder, steak, and others just wanted to make a giant base. YOU kept trying to be a turd CONGRATS!!!. No one gets raided like you? If that isn't playing the victim card like never before...

- Posted by Detroit

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lmao get rekt noob. sry i stole your fk for major. makes sense how you got your other cups because that's the only way you can win. stop posing as beaver too you noob.

- Posted by Vincent Fusca