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Tisk, tisk, Uyghur Killer , it's a pleasure meeting you too.
Now, is that any way to treat a returning original BF player, or just how envious players here get scared when new competition presents itself?
Not to worry, I've read up on the bulletin board for the last year now to understand how valuable your comments typically are... say, here's a quarter, go call someone who cares.
That's about all it's worth to me, 'champ' 😎

- Posted by R E D - D A W N

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He's got quite the imagination about his level of play too.
He holds one hell of a grudge though 😆
....p.s. Chen go outside and give it up already
Stop embarrassing yourself

- Posted by Deep in Time

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Anon interesting you made my point completely by being behind an anonymous name. Stay salty you total loser.

I bet you finally feel like you "owned' me by exposing my location, but all you did was further own yourself by exposing how I am able to do my post graduate at an elite institution you pea brained idiot. Don't talk about me unless you're willing to use your actual name.

I'll stay leading the game as the absolute best.

- Posted by JamesChen


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GG y'all!

- Posted by Quick