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Im still #1 overall and #1 blue bow down to me peasant s

- Posted by Smokescreen

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Remember when you first started playing super mario bros, and the hammer bros lvls were super difficult to navigate. That's how it feels when I'm reading threw your posts.

- Posted by ENDURANCE

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Quit being a sissy and take a raid for once. All you can do is raid a lieut with 3 other gens. What a big man!
Much wow, very kawaii, mucho skills.

- Posted by GhostMajor

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I am the greatest to play the game.
Who's your daddy?

- Posted by Voltaic


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This is the link to Tankpit's discord if you wanna join our orange team and get in touch with other tankpit players!

- Posted by GhostMajor


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Woodford Reserve,
That's what the romans thought for generations too. Although they had aqueducts that were lined with lead. Gold, and silver cups have lead in them also. Do what you will, but Bronze cup for life over here!

- Posted by ENDURANCE