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Truth or Dare
Yep there are a handful of people who control this game and all the others (except me) are tired of being on the outside. No worries

- Posted by Botman

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Globe Master,
Nice website !

- Posted by EPIC 8

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Coffee is only able to achieve climax via his annual prostate exams.

- Posted by nachos


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Huehuehue, not bad allow me to return fire.
My d13k is more of a weapon than you could ever possess and that's just meat breh..
You are nothing more than glass waiting to be smashed.
Your timed has passed, go back home to your mommy and cry lass.
You know nothing about me, you are nothing, you never will be anything except a yes man.
Go from point and shoot to click and shoot if I'm a keyboard warrior, you undoubtedly are as well.

- Posted by CID