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First Homer J Simpson copied the color of my team switching over from purple, now it looks like he's copied my awards too. Nice to see I have a No. 1 fan!

- Posted by - Mercury -

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Happy Independence American Imperialist scum.
Foolish for you to think that blowing up fire works means you have gained your independence when your elections are stolen, BLM can destroy your neighborhoods with impunity, and you can't even say the N word without losing your livelihoods.
Hahaha enjoy your lifelong debt and your children being brainwashed into getting gender transition surgeries. Enjoy your country of trannies losers.
- James

- Posted by JamesChen

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JamesChen True... don't get me started on what we did to the MMA team lmao losersBrock Lesnar Georges St-Pierre Ronda Rousey

- Posted by Uyghur Killer

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What time do most people play? I normally only see like 1 to 2 people when i hop on.

- Posted by Acium


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Homer J Simpson facts bro. Orange takeover. Puny reds were busy trying to recruit fake players they thought were good, and would only play when they were dominant color (minus a few exceptions)
Thanks to orange leaders like you, Orange built a strong team that took red out without effort. Reds are some of the worst players ever who act like they are good because they beat you on 9v1 smh.

- Posted by JamesChen