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@ MichiganWolverine
Bunch of these players have cheats over the years that enhance things like auto mine, auto radar, quick map and massive speed hack that steal turns from fair playing players. No matter how ppl answer they don't like to admit it and never have so gl on your quest for answers!!

- Posted by cesT LA Vie

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Michigan... You need to learn about timing your tele's and where to go/not to go. Individuals can predict where you are going easily. This gives them the advantage. Try linking up with some players on discord.

- Posted by pYrAmid insurgeNce

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cRanberry vampiRe
Yeah I noticed it was the "actual" Top 25 after. I don't really waste my time reading Smoke's trash posts in detail.
I meant top 10 in the overall in the game, not the actual.

- Posted by JamesChen

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James Chen,
Stop thinking you're an alpha when the crap you're doing is substandard. You see anyone can run and live but the real challenge is to see how long you can last when fighting back.
Realistically if you're willing to raid and take kills you should be willing to reciprocate.
Calm the f**k down and just play...

- Posted by EPIC 7


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cRanberry vampiRe
It is a self fulfilling prophecy to label someone a sugar daddy and then raiding them with 12 players so he dies. If I am constantly seen as a SD and raided constantly, I am going to die at a higher rate than those who don't. And I get chased even if I am running through multiple screens. It's simple. No other tank gets raided like I do. Even if I were to survive, becomes impossible to get points if I am having to run or get fuel every time I shoot 1-2 shots.

- Posted by JamesChen