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Pat Garrett,
Glad you told your buddy to lay off the pre-mining stuff, Thanks. I agree with what you told him 100% hopefully he will listen to somebody his own color!
***** Hitman2002 ******if you are reading this, STOP the pre-mining! and on another note, take a raid and not run, you can always rank back up, being general doesnt define you, you can take a raid and play as other ranks also... but anywho, plz take Pat's advice!

- Posted by -SHOCK-

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idolize -- BLUNTZ,
Congrats on the Shining Sword, explore more aspects of the game now? like taking a raid? orrrr whassssup?

- Posted by -SHOCK-

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@ HITMAN just hanging out for awhile

- Posted by CHEckmATe

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@ bend the knee - welcome back to the game and congrats on your cup. Please consider taking a raid and shooting back at other tanks rather than just teleporting from fuel to fuel when 2+ tanks are on you. You have tagged along on many orange raids but haven't reciprocated. If you have any questions log onto discord and we can chat further



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If I'm apeX- hes better than you. Get rekt.

- Posted by Padme Amidala