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dude is not sigma. sigma wouldnt waste his time after deleting his tanks and forever leaving this game. gotta be a moron if you think it's him.

- Posted by NOT SIGMA

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The crap keeps rolling in
Like a turbulent tide

- Posted by LOFTY PILLOW

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Congrats Clima and Abraham Simpson II for cracking into the true Top 10 and Top 25 (respectively). Great job guys.

- Posted by SOLITUDE


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(Ladies and ?) Gentleman,
Please try to keep the toxicity out of our beloved tankpit. As a returning player, with lots to learn still, we all enjoy playing this game. Lets grow the community, however possible, and not deter others.
Nothing wrong with some friendly competition, but lets remember this is about fun, individually and as teams!
Good job to everyone making this a friendly and fun forum, and great turn based game! Much appreciated. That is all.
Best regards!

- Posted by PRO SELF

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Teufelhunde u just started this game 6 months ago shhhhhh u noob scrub

- Posted by One hit wonder