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@Pro Self
I'm hearing that you are taking raids like a men lately. Good for you. Just so we are clear, you don't seem like a bad player at all. Just, some of the things you did would make people cringe. (ex : mining while pphing, long teleport across the map while raided, always sniping) See you on the field and good luck on getting yourself a cup. ;)

- Posted by Flop


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Play how you wanna play bro, but in raids usually try to get 3+ shots off before you teleport and don't map across the board, short hop on screen as much as u want. A lot of times you'll die, but it's fun to see how long you'll last. (also if you gtg spam i gtg, most should respect)
In tournaments it's opposite, they start ganging you map until you ghost, find someone to point up with and rinse and repeat. You can find friends in discord for that LUL

- Posted by sandman