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N I M R O D,
Dont you worry, I will keep it up. As long as the noobs here try to trigger me, I will just throw it back in their face. They clearly cant handle it...

- Posted by Ashrak2002

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Globe Daddy,
Thanks. Will be fun to play alongside Globe Master. See ya on the field!

- Posted by Scorpion


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Stop scanning the field ahead of your red buddy when they are getting raided. No one likes newbs that do that. Haven't you heard of taking a raid with honor? Map is already wet as it is and you playing like a newb isn't cool. Learn what's appropriate and what isn't when raids are going down if you want any respect. Btw change your name, it's already taken.

- Posted by NewBbbAleRT


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Another Cup...
You are right Sightblack I must have no idea what I am talking bout ;\

- Posted by Black Lion