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Funny how every tournament is an 8 person tournament and it is rare to see more than 3 players on map at the same time. It is usually 1 or less.
Hope GeneralSick (aka bullied by blacks and still cucks to the N word) and CoL Oni (and his dead team, like seriously do all your teams die after 4 months?) are u happy for destroying a game to maintain a dysfunctional community of losers like Seizure "Vaxxed" Matt, TJ (blue pilled retard investor loner incel suicide soon), among many others.

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James will remain victorious while you all will continue to seethe and chat in TPHQ unable to pay your bills, unable to impregnate your women, unable to cup as much as Chen, and unable to not cry.
Only a few people here deserve my respect:
The Grim Reaper
- Sun Spots - (virile, keeping white race population alive, based rebel)
Chen LOW IQ MONGREL (only for the BB posts, otherwise you're a traitor cuck)
Globe Daddy

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