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JamesChen = Frog


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Trivia Question 1:
D.) Seven

- Posted by king of noobs

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Post a video of you playing a tournament

- Posted by just visiting

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@ Dr Hibbert
Thanks for the opportunity to improve it feels like you apply pressure at the right times so as not make it to easy then back off when I make mistakes or miss click giving me the chance to recover.

- Posted by What s Doing

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@ Dr Hibbert
I do appreciate this it is like a TP Bootcamp when you are in, rather than usual deactivation followed by the let’s get him again while he tries to refill on EQ. I hope it is you that does get the final shot if you’re there and needed a rank up kill as opposed to one of those spamming c

- Posted by What s Doing

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Good playing with you today. Just out of curiosity, do you only deactivate non-bot tanks?
With nearly 600 hours, I am surprised you only have 206 deactivations.
How about the times you have been deactivated? Are these based on raids or some are "die downs"?
Also, note that I say "good job" to warn you when I am gonna get fuel so that you can use that turn for something else to save "actions"

- Posted by JamesChen


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James Chen, there's a difference between politics and video games, try separating the two worlds. By the way, that was a nice 4 on 1 two minute take you had. We got you on the homer rather easily...good thing there were no mines or bases! #Jameschenmatters

- Posted by Detroit