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Ya know almost all of yall complain how others play. Idk why everyone is so petty and afraid to die. Guys, relax and let's make fighting fun again. This community is smallasnd you guys will complain for months. Idk of yall know this buy dying isnt a bad thing. It's what makes this game fun. Plz stop fisting the fun out of it.

- Posted by Ownzord

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I get alot of yall troll. But it's seriously making this game annoying. If you're gonna troll be funny. quit doing it just prove you're annoying. Seriously this game is so fun when people actually play. Yallare worse than insecure skinny tiddy women. Effin a cotton.

- Posted by Ownzord


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How did you come to that conclusion? I can't see any evidence suggesting this. Honestly, I can't see where you're coming from. Do you see what I'm saying?

- Posted by Helen Keller

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weekend nachos,
You big mad? I see you. You got female ways huh.

- Posted by EPIC 1

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weekend nachos,

- Posted by Sir Rosco

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weekend nachos,
LOL so weekend nachos confirmed spends his time trolling discord aswell as bulletin board keeping careful notes on specific individuals then appears once a month too call them out ? Get a life dude obviously your too busy watching everyone elses while yours passes you by! Rekt and Rinsed moving along now.....

- Posted by EPIC 8