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Hey to the Red Team that jumped me tonight as tournament was starting both sorry and thanks. Sorry I jumped around so much (4v1 is hard and i'm just learning) Thanks because I was about 20 mins from having enough time to try out the tournament so you guys kept me busy, plus was fun experience) Cheers and see ya out there.

- Posted by Backlash

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im saying this and im not gonna repeat it. I do not have to abide by any fake rules this community has established. im going to play this game the way i see fit and for me is most enjoyable. i play for the red you other color are opps. i have no problem getting targeted but Im not going to take a raid and simply just lay down to the enemy because im going down. I have big hands. Im going to try to survive. you want to kill me get a bigger crew or catch me slipping -WB

- Posted by Warm Beer


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Pappy Van Winkle,
It indeed does taste better out of a Bronze cup. Ages well too... gives it even more of that barrel aged taste. Now gold, and silver cup are more for if you like the taste of fresh dog doo scraped off a shoe. Bronze cup for life!

- Posted by ENDURANCE