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Psycho Maze is officially favorite map. Very well thought out of and pushed me to think a lot more than I normally do.
I pushed the players to take into account that you may not find fuel, equipment, or ferries as easy.
Finding a ferry doesn't necessarily mean you can win, and the fact that many areas were narrow meant that you couldn't just sit and PPH on the ferries. The rocks and land structure allows people to use mines effectively and trap them

- Posted by JamesChen

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For example, I found a ferry and filled up but then I had no one to shoot and was tired of shooting bots using homers and missiles. I also got suck inside the inner route of the maze where I could not get the same equipment in the outer route. I had to manage the time on moving through the maze and the few water squares I was using along with my ability to pph and move on land. Then I went chasing bots to rank up. I found a guy who was dark, got caught up then ISFd to death.

- Posted by JamesChen

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Made me think in deeper terms of where I teleport, map layout, how to manage and acquire equipment, and managing fuel and equipment.
Many hate on it because they want the same mindless tournament routine where they just fill (hope for early ERs), kill bots, get to lut, fill again, PPH or kill a sugar, Run if attacked.
You map got a lot of these so called pros like TM2/Pav fail badly because he couldn't simply do the same monkey movements to win tournaments anymore

- Posted by JamesChen

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No joke, I hope we get this tournament more and on the actual World to get people to accept a real new challenge.
There was no clear advantage here unlike appaloosa where people just found ferries and PPH'd the whole hour.
- James

- Posted by JamesChen

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BIG genral,
Ancient astronaut theorists may have talked about this, but it is still to be tested.

- Posted by ENDURANCE

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A lot of typos and grammar mistakes in the posts. IDGAF engrish isn't my first language. Map is great

- Posted by JamesChen

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Hello Everyone such a great day to play tankpit.

- Posted by i tank it in the bum