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- Sun Spots -
Wow..... you're still allowed to post here?
have fun patting yourself on the back whenever you're not giving someone else a reach around. I know them hands stay busy

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gundam barbatos so let me get this straight..
Am I to assume that you're actually daft enough to believe that I, coffee, have had so many friends in a community where "everyone" dislikes me soo much that I've been able to arrange 150+ fks for cups in tournaments? Lol I love the accusations that are being made by a 2 month cup beast like yourself.. they're fantastic!
The humor that someone like you brings to the community is definitely an invaluable please don't ever leave

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- Sun Spots - Simply asked that the kills be looked into, because your first kill lagged out and misclicked his shields. So that can easily appear to be a free kill. I don't need to know you, your playstyle speaks for itself. You're a toxic troll in game and you don't take raids, congrats on the cup, doesn't change the fact that you're one of the most hated players in the game. You ever wonder why nobody wants to PPH with you or say 'Hello" when you enter the map?

- Posted by Shockwave