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I stopped reading after “He plays at lieut so he's not targeted, that is true.”
K thx.

- Posted by Testy Meltdown

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Since when is it cool to raid someone until they run completely out of equipment? Back in the day dominating raids came with the respect of a fill. This soft generation has to raid for 10+ minutes because they are so thirsty for a kill. Next time i shoot 100 singles into your pathetic raid have the respect to let me fill. i'll just smash your raid again anyways you bums. Make Tankpit Great again!

- Posted by Warrior

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I agree with you.
#Optimus Prime is a legend.

- Posted by Abraham Simpson II


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I don't do no discord after I hear they are banning people like Epic 7.
We already live in an authoritatian state with plenty of censoring in CHINA to put up with it voluntarily in discord. SORRY

- Posted by JamesChen

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Valiant effort pavan!!! Must be extremely annoying to dedicate an hour to prevent me from cupping only to fail, although, I guess you did keep me from gold. :( Fortunately, I like silver better!!! #superiorskills #trumpisyourfather

- Posted by Apocalypse 9

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While I'd like to take credit for Testys post, everything I've ever needed to say was spoken to, exposed, and proven in the past by me personally and not behind a random tank name. I have plenty of screenshots of the people praising my skillset on the field who frantically backpedal the moment they find out the tank is me. This is a fine example of a soft man, so easily swayed by their own bias. The only ones who are salty are the ones so easily triggered by a reappearance by me years later.

- Posted by weekend nachos

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Some final notes as this is my last address to a community I don't owe anything to: I'll be playing my tanks to achieve the old/new goals I have for them going forward. 95% of you aren't even remotely close to the amount of raids I've taken even after years of absence. Dying early as a result of taking risks, or simple mistakes, is much more thrilling than taking a soft raid to survive. The real ones know this and don't need a +1 system created by someone with an inferiority complex. Peace

- Posted by weekend nachos

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How long has it been since you went to sleep?
You are on this game all night long and then all day. I hope you aren’t using drugs!

- Posted by tErriBAd


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Sugar Daddy James Chen Should be banned from playing tournaments All you do is rank to sergeant and die whats the point in even playing? you will NEVER win a cup BiG FACTZ

- Posted by Smokescreen