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but smokescreen what happened? what type of number 1 are you? to lose ur rank again because if you where truly number one to beging would be more like voltac for keeping its immortal record u dising people for cheap ass ranks but then wnen he get to 1 u still u act like the bich you are and joints like u are jaraka that why your named smokescreen also because you go out faster than my regular morning blunts....

- Posted by F2bBacK

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SK. not crying. just letting the public know how lame you are. and you are right. full day of real life tomorrow for me + NYE so it wont be close. but a whole lot closer than it should have been with you up ~80 hours on me. happy new year.

- Posted by CKPA2020

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got dinki ping losers cant play that playstaition 10 emulator on their pc's but im called f2bBack because i always come back regardles but anyways i suspect either that ping stars to go lose when too much tanks appear came last time and it should have been a render computer momment but i had it up to chin in game with the producers for not listening to me in one of my letters of the past on problems worse than that but that is actually tanktpit 2 project im curently working on.

- Posted by F2bBacK

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Hey Skeleton key nice try but kinda lame what you tried today. If you can't rank up your other tank in a battle then don't try at all.

- Posted by TheBrit

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Great Job, Nice push... at least you made me work for that #7 spot.... Nice Job on the top 10 this year!
Good Luck in 2021!

- Posted by Skeleton Key


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Happy 2020 to everyone and have fun :)

- Posted by PRO SELF