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and seeing how you sometimes come onto the BB to start crap with random people just proves my point... buut w.e nub. One more thing, I dont actually post on here daily. FYI. Next

- Posted by Ashrak2002

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take one for the team

- Posted by Tankzilla69


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Those kills had me hurting for certain.....

- Posted by Geo the Great

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I should postt this under newbie section but your actions today in the tournament makes you a complete coward and you will NEVER cup playing the way you do, running from 3v1 2v1 and even 1v1 unless u was shooting someone 2v1 u was running, and u know what thats cool thats fine because it just means you will never cup, but to leave because you are going to die...
From, GoldFish

- Posted by Destiny