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Moment of silence for 4th anniversary of the heinous radical islamic New York City truck attack by a diversity lottery visa migrant.

His blatant disregard for the lives of children, women, and other innocent people is yet to be condemned by any Muslim organizations and is scapegoated as "not real Islam". Similar rationalizations to Muhammad's relationship with a 6 year old named Aisha.

Hopefully one day they will value the lives of "infidels" as much as those in their own religion.

- Posted by Uyghur Killer

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It has come to my attention that a very old and lame man (father surprisingly) is crying for banning me AFTER being one of the most despicable users in TP
Look man, banning people is the only course of action you have because you can't own anyone. You are too stupid to come up with any form of comebacks or outplay them.

That is your most obvious sign of weakness.. that and when you tried to make Noodle and Hays LOSE THEIR JOBS, because WAHHH PEOPLE ARE MEAN ONLINE

- Posted by Old Sensitive Coffee

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Maybe focus on being a father and the man of your family (instead of depending on bluntz) before calling people 20 years younger than you childish when you are the WAHHHH WAHHH CRYING BABY of the game.

Chen doesn't cry, he just pwns. You losers poke the bear and hate it when he slashes your face off. This goes for IBP too who cries like a baby over HISTORICAL FACTS (I have sources)

Stay crying, stay seething, stay coping you pathetic imbecilic losers

- Posted by Old Sensitive Coffee

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Uyghur Killer
Always a pleasure pew pew'ing with you. See you on the field, brother.

- Posted by Super Saiyan Vegito


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Window Tasks, I mean coffee. Weren't you the only sugar in the tourney that I appreciate you dying like a complete noob loser to Jazz and ruined my gold cup?

Yet you still do not want to retire. SAD