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Is everyone here under 10??

- Posted by Botman

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Congrats on the pass. Looking good as an orange. I don't feel so lonely anymore 😄

- Posted by Globe Daddy

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Once again, another fool like you that actually thinks that Im Scimitar. When will you learn? Probably never just like most of these other people on here. Its ok though. Scimitar could be you for all we know. You provide me with some good entertainment. Keep it up please. Haha

- Posted by Ashrak2002

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This is so cool. I just love all of the hate that I am getting. I just go along with it to piss off the noobs that are trying to piss me off. Looks like it backfired for you guys. Nice try though, I will at least give you that. I just wonder how long yall can keep this up. I will be waiting...

- Posted by Ashrak2002

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man this bulletin board is getting spicy! Like seriously, the past 4 days of posts just made my day. Keep up the good work ashrack with all your mystique and such... its doing a good job stirring the pot and generally pulling some triggers

- Posted by N I M R O D

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The Bulletin Board is lit

- Posted by GeneralSick

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TEAM USA for next map

- Posted by EPIC 5

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3 tanks on me i had no shields and u guys still couldnt get the job done and then u all left thats pretty sad

- Posted by Tankzilla69


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"...makes you a complete coward and you will NEVER cup playing the way you do, running from 3v1 2v1 and even 1v1..."
At least get your story straight.

- Posted by Sightblack


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Don't worry too much about anything Density has to say, he takes it in the butt!

- Posted by Stone Cipher