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I am the greater player this game has ever seen

- Posted by Napoleon Bonaparte

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Jesus, TRANYS R TRASH, Time Bomb, and a few others are simply spoil sports. Won't fight, won't play, just there to ruin bases and steal kills

- Posted by I am making this bas

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In light of recent events, I wanted to ask what Tankpit is doing to address systemic racism in America?
I have 2 ideas, feel free to modify or contribute yours:
1. We can have a BLM themed map with portraits of MLK, Lebron James, Mike Brown, and George Floyd (use rare footage from his appearance on habibshow)
2. For 1 month, make all tanks either black or white. White tanks will have only half the fuel capacity, half eq, and be unable to plant mines....(cont.)

- Posted by JamesChen

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(cont.2)...Black tanks will have the ability to give double damage, double the equipment, and a double-sized fuel tank fuel tank in order to represent the much deserved reparations that black men deserve.
From such a small community, this will really make a large gesture of solidarity to black Americans who have faced violence and inequalty for over 400 years. If I need to email this and can apply for the LB award, let me knows.
Thank you,

- Posted by JamesChen